<span class="caps">RUN</span> 42 west


Phase One of RUN42 is rail-based alternative to replacing the Port Authority Bus Terminal, as envisioned in Governor Cuomo’s 2021 Midtown West development plan. It repurposes budgets for the bus terminal’s replacement.


The Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan services over 260,000 weekday passengers, more than double the volume at Penn Station

The rider experience is dismal, especially compared to New York’s global competitors.

Journey durations are unpredictable, owing to traffic, accidents, and mechanical failures. The bus terminal itself is considered the most squalid transportation hub in New York: overcrowded, unsanitary, and badly configured for its use.


In January 2021, Governor Cuomo announced plans to expand the bus terminal to accommodate more New Jersey commuters.

This proposal is additional to a 2013 plan by the Port Authority to invert $10 billion in the station’s replacement to handle an additional 77,000 passengers by 2030.

Both of these projects’ goals ignore wider problems and miss significant opportunities.

Replacing the bus terminal is bad for the region